Monday, November 27, 2017

Advanced Agricultural Dynamics

Agriculture from science pov
The main selling point to farmers is saves money and easy to implement
but all techniques are also truly sustainable, can used over the long term to improve health of the landscape and the wider environment.
Simple, clear, professional looking, value for money

Increasing cattle rotation
initially may wish to reduce stocking rates. but as increased rotation infrastructure is implemented will be able to slowly increase stocking rates on the same land.
generate more of own feed. perennial grasses

mixing stock through paddocks, better weed control. but more advanced.

Drone mapping

trees act as windbreaks and shade. This shelter reduces animal watering requirements and is good for overall health.
variety of stock food crops better climate resilience and consistency of feed costs.

Holistic Weed Control
Goats, geese, pigs and other control animals
outcompeting with own plants
Chopping down
avoid use of expensive chemicals and poisons
avoid flame weeding farming. wasteful


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