Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Raining so writing of the spring

It's raining and I know a lot has happened but I don't feel like going out and taking photos.

I've been building a roof. Corro, pallets, long timber. Big square cut cyprus logs at the ends. You can see the grain and so turn the most interesting face out.
This will hold the solar panels, look a lot better and free up the main northern wall of the bedroom for solar heating vents and climbing plants.
The main point is the guttering for water collection ability.

The main area is now linked with paths and paving stones, wide spaced with sand in between to gradually be filled with spreading herbs. It means when the chickens poop on the steps it is a small kick to knock into a useful mini garden.

The main native garden is quite established. I even removed the fencing. One of the roosters is tilling away at the edges so it can expand.

Plants are growing and budding and pointing out that they can see Spring any time. Today is wet and cold but not winter cold. I'm sure the plants will drink and ready themselves for the warmth coming.

I have the bricks and cyprus sleepers to get the improved rocket stove ready for summer.
The marble bench area will be built at the same time.

The earthbag bathroom has been fully cement rendered on the outside. The inner stone basin area has been cleared but still needs pickaxe work to chisel the basin itself.

I hoped to get working on the Big U of shipping containers but that has been cleaning up mainly. Getting the bedroom area work done is easier and a good practice of the Big U construction.
Still has a new garden bed on the sheltered east side and wind break trees planted, including carob, cherry plum, tree lucerne, acacia, lily pilly. A future forest south of the big containers.

Also much of those same windbreak trees up along the main ridge, over the quarry cliff. Less carob and more tree lucerne and lily pilly.

Still been bloody windy. It will be a few years until start to see much effect of those windbreak seedling trees. It has been nice seeing the various plans growing into place.