Thursday, June 25, 2020

I like seeing my plan work in a beautiful chaos

The garden is really working very well. Far from perfect. Rabbits eat things and horses knock down fences and step on things and poo all over and pipes fall out.

But looking around the ecosystem is thickening up nicely. The trees are staying alive with the hopping predators even with a bit of bark damage. A lot of the grafts are still intact. The ground covers are getting established. There is food all around, lettuce, mints, spinach, sorrel. The cactus firebreak gardens getting bigger and self sufficient.
Native pioneer trees like spiky moses acacia and grevillea are coming along behind their anti horse and rabbit fencing.

There are the little native rats that dig holes everywhere. I was worried but now I don't think they're a concern at all. they dig small burrow concerning and messily close to my plants but I don't see damage. they just seem to be hiding. I hope they don't end up eating all my fruit trees roots systems or something.

A lot of birds. The wrens that have always been here, and hawks. If anything more than before the fires. The hawthorn recovered well, more died than I expected to the fire in the end, but still plenty to provide spiky cover to the beautiful little birds.