Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Working With The Land

I've been asked "why don't you write a book?", but I think Jackie French already wrote the gardening book I would in "Wilderness Gardening".
But I also think there is a place for a gardening book or website as simple and assessible as possible. children, and even worse lazy, unconvinced adults.

Open source

Structured, professional.
ie i own, have owners of sub sections pages etc.
and suggestions from anyone else


a living book
very appropriate

There are two audiences i want to mass market to.
One is normal households. To act as entry point then send them off to Jackie french, David Holmgren, etc

The other is conventional agriculture
Small changes with large environmental impacts that have some quick money feedback and easy to implement
slowly yes roll to regragrians
This is more the AAD site.

Lots of diagrams.
Too many good garden books are walls of text.
Heaps of photos, lots of art and diagrams. Needs to be able to be read by a kid or by those who don't know the language
Each page should have text, spoken, as many sensory modes as possible. the small and simple helps

Simple principals:
A few, easy to remember yet grow understanding from
Garden Where You See. Zones. visual energy. plant things where you walk and see.
Where is the sun and wind? simple sectors. consider shade and heat
Make soil like the forest. deep mulch to form soil in-situ. It is alive too. cover in plants or mulch
Roots support it all. and pull nutrients from deep. use perennials. start with herbs you like.
Water flows down hill. use this to water your gardens.
All lives together. mixed planting, companion planting, eco system.
Use weeds energy to help. chop and drop before flower.
Community. talk to others who see or may like some food or can help

Working With The Land

self contained chapters
full list accessable

glossary maybe