Thursday, March 12, 2020

A high fantasy themed nature retreat.

The Garden has had a high fantasy theme for a while really.

The Hobbit Hole
The Elf House
The Enchanted Woods
The Faerie Field
The Goblin Field

As the garden is now in quite reasonable state and longer term pans need to be considered. The basic low maintenance comfy home part is well on the way. So what is long term? Herb wholesales? Workshops? Affordable housing, tiny homes, a caravan park? Artists retreat and cabins? Each will have planning and regulatory requirements in time.

A high fantasy themed nature retreat, seems a good vision for it.

Charged garden tours on specific days.
include epic quests and workshops.
needs toilets and other facilities

selling herbs. retail. esp direct to local naturopaths and herbalists.

building up for the cabins for arts retreat.

rent out quarry as a venue

Once have a few go for caravan park type licence. and affordable housing. tiny house parking or stay in cabins.