Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Grouped by use:
  • beneficial insect attracting
  • pioneer
  • wet feet
  • clay break
  • pest insect repelling
  • medicinal
  • edible
  • ground cover
  • windbreak
  • fire retardant
  • local
  • weed competitor

Specific plants good for these roles in SW Vic:

  • beneficial insect attracting
    salvia, pelargonum, geranium, calendula, rosemary
  • bird attracting
    salvia, correa
  • pioneer
    salvia, pelargonium, rosemary
  • wet feet
    veitnamese mint, azola (duckweed fern)
  • clay break
  • pest repelling
    geranium, mint, feverfew
  • medicinal
    feverfew, mint, calendula, rosemary
  • edible:
    pigface, berries, oregano, thyme, perrenial basil
  • ground cover
    pigface, thyme
  • windbreak
  • shade tree
    Apricot, nectrarine
  • fire retardant
  • local
    pigface, correa, muntries
  • weed competitor
    mint, perennial basil, mustard greens

Plant list
  • pigface
    succulent. flowers. edible, ground cover, fire retardant
  • salvia,
    flowers of many colurs
  • pelargonium
    flowers of many colours
  • geranium
    flowers, insect repel
  • raspberry, young berry, native raspberry
  • correa
    bird attracting
  • calendula
    self seeding annual
  • feverfew
    medicinal, flower
  • rosemary
    flowers, edible, medicinal, ground cover, benificial insect attracting, tough, easy to take cuttings
  • potatoes
    edible claybreak
  • oregano
  • thyme. lemon, turkey, creeping, pizza
  • vietnamese mint
    wet feet, edible
  • mint
    edible, medicinal
  • apricot tree
  • nectrarine tree
  • olive tree
  • muntries
    edible, local, groundcover

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