Monday, April 11, 2016

Whoops finished. Review, assess, redesign, continue

My gardens are fairly done.
Main one around container, water garden, kitchen gardens. So main zone 1 gardens.
It has been a little odd thinking I have no where to put plants.

So I've been thinking about what is next
The main thing is finish current stuff. Do edges, weeding. Make it look nice, fill in the spaces in the gardens.
I want more trees, such as nuts, citrus and avocados.
I need more food production. bulk spuds, tomatos. Leafies are ok but I should have more and they can self seed and good permanent food ground plants.
I've been cutting back a lot of blackberry for fire safety, aesthetics, running around barefoot without getting thorns in feet and new beds.
Cleaning South West side of the main residence as that is main fire risk side and will make succulent fire break garden there.
I'll make a new wind break food forest in the quarry, where blackberry were, to put citrus, nuts, olive, elder, avocado(?).  This also breaks up view from quarry. makes garden seem bigger
At the ground level I'll add food gardens in new quarry food forest. mulch pile. mark with logs
Thin out roses in quarry
Continue building the bulk herb bed in grotto in the faerie plain
Keep improving swales and ditches
And I want to try rice in flood plain, or floating vege beds. A big potentially useful space I don't do enough with.

Most stuff is going well with autumn cooler. Various salvia that have been collected are establishing themselves. Will probably plant out the baby ones soon. A few more shades of red, purple, dark blues. Daffodil and lilies popping up from where they've slept underground all summer. Same with companion garlic left buried.
Quite pleased the flower plan seems to be working as well as vege plan. Had flowers pretty consistently spring through summer and now autumn and new flowers starting up, hopefully for all winter, eg the correa.
Veges and herbs have self seeded well and mainly just need to be cut back so who I want wins the competition for space.
Thinking about a few more raised beds in main garden now chickens have moved to their new run.

Overall what is the Gardens?
A home for me, chicken flocks, dog, wildlife.
It's mainly a home. Am I happy in it? That's what matters.

I like the way it is broken up into small areas. That somewhat expand out in gradual transitions of shelter from bed, office, covered veranda, kitchen, bathroom. Surrounded by gardens that make the space light, open, fresh and protect and direct animals, chickens, dogs, insects.

I need to manage stress.
Others can use the space. teachers, green groups

A few infrastructure projects.
New chook run is progressing. The chickens have moved. A hawk got two before I put the net up. :( They're not fans of the shelter so I need to improve that for them. Starting putting pots around and thinking about the chooky plants.
Should get moving on big greenhouse soon.
I also think I'll do the new and improved bulk solar drier. The single box works fine but going to make multiple stacks and better airflow and remove the direct sun on the food.