Sunday, September 13, 2015

Spring planting and growth.

Partly this post is so I can have somewhere to remind what seeds I planted. :)

Viola Heartsease. Native bed. Home bed. Watergarden new vege bed. door beds.
I think I should get a bunch more seeds and scatter all over the place.

Climbing bean. Watergarden new vege bed.

Zuccini. Watergarden old vege bed.

Yellow paper daisy. Watergarden west slope.

swam river daisy.  Watergarden west slope.

cucumber. home bed. watergarden new vege bed.

French marigold, sparky. Watergarden new and old beds.

Most of those were a bit more spread around than that but those are the main spots.

I've also set up a little greenhouse and have been putting cuttings and seeds in there. Which is new for here.
Mainly salvia.

I've decided I'm not going to focus much on vege gardening this year it is just a side effect. To an extent I always do that. :)
I'm trying to focus more on getting the beds set up. Fenced. Trees survive. And trying to get the flowers, especially self seeders up and running.

Plus perennial veges and soil and compost.

I don't think I've allowed enough redundancy last year, but then last year I really only had one fairly small bed.

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